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MidMaine Energy Solutions, LLC

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Residential Energy Audit Services
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20-30% on your heating bill and stay warmer this winter.

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News & Updates

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Josh Reynolds
Maine Certified Residential Energy Auditor and Weatherization Technician

Tax Credits For Insulation

 MidMaine Energy Solutions is a family owned business with the mission of helping Maine people lower their energy costs, increase the warmth and comfort of their homes and improve their indoor air quality and safety.

We conduct comprehensive home energy evaluations, utilizing the latest blower door and FLIR infrared thermal imaging technology to evaluate your home's performance. Through the energy audit process, we will layout a plan to help you save money and energy. Most homeowners can easily save 20-30% on their annual heating costs with minimal investment.

MidMaine Energy Solutions is independent, we work for you. So before you replace that boiler, buy a pellet stove, wood stove, new windows, or invest in insulation, call or email us at to set up an energy audit and find out exactly what improvements are necessary, will make your home more efficient, and provide the best return on your investment.